The right tools for the management of business Cell phones

The right tools for the management of business Cell phonesTo plan the development of the company and to monitor the performance of each of its units is extremely difficult. But it is possible. Helpers in such matters are the business management system. Portal conducted a survey of developers of software solutions for business management. The developers talked about the benefits of such programs and how they work. Below is an interview with one of the survey participants, the General Director of company "ALTIUS SOFT" Andrew Travkina. Читать полностью -->

"Disciples 3: hordes of the undead" received the card editor - Mobile phones

Fans of turn-based strategy "Disciples 3: hordes of the undead" has at its disposal the map editor. The company "Akella" offers download (direct link!) small distro (just 25,8 MB), which includes a Toolkit that contains new units, objects and everything in-game content. The game itself is developed by the Studio .dat, was released on December 3 S., this time in the main role plays the ruthless and merciless race - Undead hordes. These creatures not only died for themselves, but are ready to kill all the others, if only to give pleasure to their goddess morthis. By the way, almost immediately after the release of the Studio .dat was closed. Don't want to speculate, but it is believed that the reason the wildest quality Disciples 3 and the inability (unwillingness?) developers to bring the project in more or less working condition. Читать полностью -->

The PlayBook tablet tipped as a big success - Cell phones

The PlayBook tablet tipped as a big success - Cell phonesExperts promise 7-inch Internet tablet PlayBook from Research In Motion (RIM), whose sales will start early next year in the United States, a great success. According to Oppenheimer analyst Ittai of Kidron, if the canadian manufacturer will set the price for your device is not more than $ 540 for fiscal year 2012 he will manage to sell more than 3 million 200 thousand PlayBook. Kidron also predicts that for the fourth fiscal quarter, which will end for the company on 28 February 2011, RIM will sell more than 100 thousands of Internet tablets. Thus, after a year on the market of computer tablets will appear more than 3 million 300 thousand PlayBook (now Apple iPad - the main competitor of the RIM in this segment is about 4 million 190 thousand units), says ZDNet. Two weeks ago, the CEO of RIM, Jim Balsillie noted that the PlayBook will go on sale at a very competitive price". The exact cost of the tablet it is not known, but experts believe that it will not exceed $ 500. Читать полностью -->

Google for the first time will bring users to the Internet - Cell phones

Google for the first time will bring users to the Internet - Cell phonesGoogle first test their own network on the conclusion user in the Internet. The first opportunity to work in a Network with bandwidth of up to Gigabit per second can the staff of Stanford University in California, according to the official Google blog. Only Google will connect to the Internet 850 campus buildings, including private homes of faculty members. This test will be the first held outside the headquarters of Google. The decision to conduct testing at Stanford due to the fact that the University campus is just a few miles from the headquarters of the company located in the suburbs of San Francisco mountain view (Mountain View). Note that in this University met the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry page, who was awarded the scientific degree (Ph.D). Читать полностью -->

Presents a new version of the Apple TV set-top boxes Cellular phones

Presents a new version of the Apple TV set-top boxes Cellular phonesApple has released an updated model of the set-top box Apple TV. In size it is five times smaller than the previous generation, introduced in 2006. The console showed CEO Steve jobs during a specially organised event. His broadcast led". Apple Tv is equipped with HDMI and USB, with which the console can be connected to an external screen. She will be able to transfer HD movies, photos and movies from the online iTunes store, services, YouTube and Flickr, and also popular in the United States resource Netflix. Читать полностью -->

Scientists will give robots the ability to lie - Cell phones

Scientists will give robots the ability to lie - Cell phonesScientists from the Institute of Technology Georgia want to teach the robot the ability to lie or at least to mask their own actions. Such robots can be useful in war or in rescue operations, but machines like abilities confronts scientists serious ethical problems. "Most robots that interact with people, probably will rarely lie, but a lie is an important element of communication and robots, with this opportunity, will have the advantage," said one of the engineers of the project Alan Wagner. "We knew the importance of ethical side of things, and we welcome discussion on how it should be regulated this ability," said project leader, Professor Ronald Arkin. According to scientists, the ability to lie will greatly extend the capabilities of the robot. Robot rescue will be able to reassure the victim, and a military robot to hide their actions from the opponent. Читать полностью -->

Announced a sequel to DeathSpank - Cell phones

Announced a sequel to DeathSpank - Cell phonesStudio Hothead Games has announced the second part of the action-RPG DeathSpank, which was subtitled Thongs of Virtue, according to Gamespot. Gamers will be able to download the game on September 21 with PSN, and a day later it will appear on Xbox Live Arcade. The cost of continuation of DeathSpank will be $ 15 (1200 Microsoft Points). In Thongs of Virtue, the authors promise to diversify the job quest and to increase the number of bosses. In the game there will be a new character for co-op. Gamers will get access to hundreds of modern arms and equipment, and a walkthrough of the entire game will take up to 15 hours. Читать полностью -->

In Germany came shooter border of the GDR and FRG - Cell phones

In Germany came shooter border of the GDR and FRG - Cell phonesWas released in Germany caused a sharp public debate shooter "1378 (km)". In it, the East German border guards should prevent unarmed defectors from the GDR to cross the border into Germany and, if necessary, to kill them, according to Spiegel. Since Friday evening, December 10, "1378 (km)" can be downloaded from the website of the developer of the game is the student branch of mediakunst Jens Stober (Jens Stober) from the University of the arts in Karlsruhe. The shooter was announced back in late September and was supposed to be released in early October to the 20th anniversary of German unification, but was delayed because of the protests of the victims of the regime of the GDR, many of whom considered a cynical game, describing it as "a spit in the face". However, organized on 10 December press conference, Professor at the University in Karlsruhe Heiner Mullman (Heiner Muehlmann) stated that "ethically shooter perfect". "The drama of the game is that the player who wants to get more points by killing defectors, turns out to be a loser," said Mullman. Читать полностью -->

AMD has released the "top" line of graphics cards - Cell phones

AMD has released the AMD unveiled a line of Radeon HD 6900. This line will be the "top" for the company, according to an official press release. All in the family HD 6900 will include two video HD 6950 and 6970. They both have two gigabytes of internal memory type GDDR5 and equipped to 2.64 billion transistors. Line supports programming interface Microsoft DirectX 11. Both cards are created on the basis of one of a video card (GPU). Читать полностью -->

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